About Us

We make it easy for your business to take SEO in-house.



We take the complexity out of hiring, managing, and supporting your in-house SEO team by offering expert guidance throughout the process. 

With 13+ years experience working in SEO for agencies, in-house teams, consultancies, and freelance, we know what an SEO team requires to thrive. So we’re using our knowledge to help businesses who want to move away from agencies and start integrating their own in-house SEO teams. 

Our services cover all aspects of the in-house SEO process, including:

  • Hiring your new SEO team
  • Implementing seamless SEO internal processes
  • Sourcing virtual assistants
  • Providing valuable SEO templates & documents
  • SEO training 
  • + Consulting throughout the entire process


We want to make it easy for businesses everywhere to integrate their own in-house SEO teams and start seeing results quickly. Our focus is on providing a seamless, holistic experience so that you can transition from using an SEO agency without any bumps in the road. We do this by covering all aspects of in-house SEO, from the hiring process to internal processes, training, and providing documents & templates to save your team time and keep them moving forward. We live & breathe SEO, and our ultimate goal is to see more businesses succeeding online with a strong and dedicated in-house SEO team at their core.

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