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Our agency can help you manage the entire in-house SEO hiring process, from start to finish.

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The first step to an in-house SEO team is finding the right talent who complement your business ethos and are committed to getting you the best results. We’ll help you source the best SEO talent on the market and ensure they fit into your team and company culture. Our keen eye for SEO and years of experience in the field mean we know how to spot a great team member when we see one. 

Our SEO recruitment services include: 

  • Posting job ads
  • Reviewing applicants
  • Shortlisting the best candidates
  • Organising interviews
  • Creating SEO tests & questions to qualify candidates

You can also hire us to be a part of the interview process and online meetings. We’re here to help you through every step of hiring your in-house SEO team, whether it’s the entire process or just certain parts.

Hiring SEO Specialists


What should your in-house SEO team look like? We can help you hire any of the following SEO experts: 

  • SEO Manager/Lead: This person will manage your in-house SEO team and report progress and results to your marketing team or CEO. 
  • Developer: If your company already has a dev team, great! If not, you may require a developer to help implement various on-site SEO changes, especially if your business has a big website. We can help you source a freelance developer who has a good knowledge of SEO.
  • Copywriter: Content is essential to SEO and a good copywriter will ensure your business’s content is consistent and in line with your brand. We can help you source an expert copywriter who understands SEO principles. If you already have an internal content team, we can teach them how to use SEO techniques to improve organic visibility.
  • SEO Specialist: This team member will be responsible for ongoing SEO processes, optimisation, audits, and collaborating with developers and content writers. Depending on the size of your business, you may require more than one SEO specialist. 
  • Link Building team: You may require a team of people to take care of outreach and implement a link building strategy. This crew will function like a public relations team and help come up with a linkable content strategy to enhance your SEO. 

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